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Washer and Dryer Repair Services

Arrowhead Appliance Repair is a family-owned business serving customers in the greater Kansas City area since 2016. We specialize in fixing your appliances quickly and affordably. Our team of experts handles an array of appliance repairs, including washer repair and dryer repair, refrigerator issues, range problems, major appliance maintenance and more. We offer cleaning of critical areas such as refrigerator coils, dryer cavities, and washer tubs and pumps.

Are you looking for a particular brand repair for your appliance? If so, we've got you covered. We repair all major brands, including Whirlpool, GE, Samsung, LG, and Maytag.


Samsung front-load washers have smart features, such as an innovative cleaning technology that thoroughly cleans large loads of laundry while running almost silently. A matching Samsung front-load dryer with user-friendly features leaves your clothing fresh and clean while minimizing the time you spend in the laundry room. This is fantastic until the smart features start to have issues. With new technology being complex, you may possibly experience problems with your washer and dryer that you can’t repair yourself.

The most common Samsung washing machine problems are spinning issues, drain pump failure, water leakage, faulty door lock, and washer not starting at all. Your Samsung dryer could potentially have a burnt out heating element, a thermal fuse burnt out, drum rollers making a grinding noise, idler pulley roller failed, or the motor relay could be stuck in the on position. If your washer or dryer is having any of these problems, contact us at Arrowhead Appliance Repair and we can get your Samsung washer and dryer back to working great with our genuine Samsung replacement parts. 



Whirlpool's washers are known for their high-quality standards and have a long history of dependability for routine laundry. Your washer should fill with water, wash the clothes with detergent, drain, rinse and spin. If the agitator isn't working or the spin cycle isn't spinning, your washer may need major repairs. Your dryer may have a problem with the dryer settings, the door is not latching shut, it has a blown dryer thermal fuse, a faulty dryer switch, or a defective dryer motor.

Arrowhead only uses genuine Whirlpool replacement parts and our expert repair specialists know every detail about your Whirlpool appliance. We are confident in our ability to diagnose the issue and repair your damaged washing machine and dryer quickly, effectively, and economically.


General Electric

If your GE washer is not spinning, agitating, draining, or fills slowly/not all, makes lots of noise or your dryer is not drying your clothes or the door is not latching all the way,  our professional technicians will complete any General Electric washer or dryer repair. We only use genuine GE replacement parts at Arrowhead Appliance Repair. Our trained expert repair specialists know every detail about your GE appliance. We're here to help.



Common issues for LG washers include, washers not draining, broken motor wire harness or position sensor wire, and overfilling. Any of these repairs could be major and should be handled by an expert technician. If your LG dryer is not drying your clothes the heating element could be burnt out or the main control board motor relay gets stuck in the ON position. At Arrowhead Appliance Repair, we use only genuine brand name LG replacement parts. You can count on us to repair your LG washing machine and provide you with exceptional customer service every time. 



Frigidaire home appliances include a full range of residential and commercial washing machines and dryers. At Arrowhead, we use only brand name Frigidaire replacement parts. We're the best local appliance repair experts around.

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Washer & Dryer

Due to newer appliances including smart features, they are harder to repair without the knowledge of a professional. Don’t stress and contact us at Arrowhead Appliance! We will come to diagnose your problem today.

Common problems with washers  include broken washer motors, belts, bearings, or clutches. Your washer could also be making a lot of noise, bouncing around, the agitator is not spinning, it’s draining slowly or not at all, it’s smelly, the door won’t open or finally it won’t turn on. However, if you are uncertain about what may be happening, do not try to diagnose and repair the washer yourself.  Checking the washer for the model and serial number will allow us to pre-diagnose the issue and attempt to have the parts needed to complete their repair on the first visit. 

Excessive noise coming from your dryer is one of the most common complaints when it comes to dryers. The dryer in your home has a variety of moving parts. Each of these parts has to work in unison for this appliance to operate properly. If you start to notice your dryer making squeaking, humming, or thumping noises, you need to call in a professional to take a look. Other problems include the dryer overheating or not producing enough heat and clothes coming out wet, it won’t tumble correctly, and clothes are still wrinkled when the cycle is finished.


You definitely have an issue if your dryer won’t even turn on while plugged in. The first thing you could check in a situation like this is the circuit breaker that powers the dryer. If this breaker has been tripped due to a power surge, it will shut off immediately. Other issues that may lead to a dryer not coming on include things like a broken power cord or a damaged dryer door switch.

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