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Dryer & Duct Combo Cleaning


1 \ Maintenance and Cleaning of Your Dryer's Interior Cavity.
(Regularly $225)

Your technician will disassemble your dryer and thoroughly clean the entire interior. This process involves removing the support rollers and idler wheel to extend their lifespan and restore their optimal performance, resulting in a like-new functionality.

2 \ Dryer Vent Duct Cleaning
(Regularly $175*)

Our skilled technicians employ specialized equipment designed explicitly for cleaning dryer vent ducts. Prior to and following the cleaning process, they will thoroughly inspect the ducting. This service not only removes obstructions that cause dryers to overheat and pose a fire hazard but also facilitates faster and gentler drying of clothes, reducing wear and tear on your dryer.

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*The above pricing is for ground level laundry rooms and exterior duct 6' or below. Call for pricing on second floor laundry rooms.  Some restrictions apply. Not valid for commercial buildings. 

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